soundbody - studio


With more than 25 years experience in sound, music recording and post production on over 100 film & TV productions, soundbody specialise in creative, original sound design, foley production, location recording, sound editing, and mixing.

Examples of work flow from the award-winning Sky Atlantic’s Fortitude spanned from location recording the raw sound and natural ambiences during filming right through to designing the soundtrack in post-production alongside the composer.

Furthermore, wild-track recording of the moving artic icepack and its surrounding weather systems, for award-winning HBO TV mini series Shackleton.

“Blair and I have worked together on many projects, most recently on two series of Fortitude for Sky Atlantic. His sound design is always wonderful and completely immersive and he is especially good at mixing naturalistic effects with a soundscape that is much less tangible and more to do with creating tone and atmosphere, using more musical elements that always beautifully underpin any sequence and help to pace or shape it. Blair is incredibly collaborative & always keen to be part of the whole process, traveling to location and recording the real sounds and environments himself, and the exchange of ideas continues right through the edit. His soundscape was absolutely at the heart of creating the strange, and haunting atmosphere of the series.”

Hettie Macdonald | Director


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