Sky Atlantic 22 x 60min TV drama


Starring: Richard Dormer, Micheal Gambon & Sofie Grabol
Director: Hettie McDonald
Producer: Trevor Hopkins
Composer: Ben Frost
Sound Designer: Blair Jollands


Awarded RTS Award / Bafta Nomination

Summer has arrived in the remote Norwegian Arctic town of Fortitude. It’s a happy time for the locals who bask in the hours of daylight. The town, with a population of 713 residents, has no crime and is home to the Arctic Research Centre. The biggest danger is the presence of polar bears requiring anyone going out of town to carry a rifle for their own safety. The local Governor, Hildur Odegard, has plans to open a hotel carved into the local glacier but these are put in doubt when two children discover the remains of what appears to be a mastodon and Professor Charlie Stoddart from the Institute may no longer give the green light to proceed. When Stoddart is found butchered in his house, it is initially thought to be a bear attack but it quickly becomes clear that it’s a case of murder. Local resident Henry Tyson, who is dying of liver cancer, is now convinced that a death three months earlier, also reported as a bear attack, was murder and points the finger at Hildur and police Supt. Dan Anderson. When a senior detective from the London Met arrives to assist with the investigation, Anderson makes it clear he is not welcome.