Welcome to SOUND BODY. We specialise in sound design, music production and audio ambience archiving. We also produce foley at our studios in Sevilla, Spain, aptly named – Foley Grail.


Soundbody founder Blair Jollands’ background in film sound design and music covers the wide spectrum from location and studio audio recording to sound manipulation and explores cross-over of tonal composition and organic sound design.

Soundbody has studios in London plus a foley sound stage and editing facilities in Sevilla, Spain. Soundbody is supported by a team of highly-skilled sound editors and foley artists.

Jollands has Emmy & Bafta nominations for his film soundtrack work. Most recently he has worked on Netflix / Moonage productions ‘Bodies’,  Sky Atlantic’s  ‘Fortitude’ – ‘The Spanish Princess’, ‘Riviera’, ‘Pride’, ‘Wild Bill’, ‘Bleak House’, ‘A Touch of Cloth’ and the award-winning ‘Shackleton’, just to mention a few. 

For full list, see Portfolio.

“I’ve really enjoyed working with Blair, he is great at interpreting notes and building a realistic, atmospheric soundscape. I can trust him to understand what a particular scene requires, and to deliver that. Blair is also sensitive to the music, so the sound design never fights the score, however, when we would occasionally decide to lose a cue at the last moment, the sound design was always sufficient to make the scene work on its own without needing more from the music.”

Charlie Hampton | Producer (The Spanish Princess TV series)