SOUND BODY was founded in 2019. Our vision was to create one hub for three areas: a sound effects shop; sound-design & foley solutions; and, connecting/healing sounds for meditation.


Soundbody founder Blair Jollands’ background in film sound design and music covers the wide spectrum from location and studio audio recording to sound manipulation and explores cross-over of tonal composition and organic sound design.

Soundbody has studios in London plus a foley sound stage and editing facilities in Sevilla, Spain. Soundbody is supported by a team of highly-skilled sound editors and foley artists.

Jollands has Emmy & Bafta nominations for his film soundtrack work. Most recently he has worked on productions ‘Fortitude’, ‘The Spanish Princess’, ‘Riviera’, ‘Pride’, ‘Wild Bill’, ‘Bleak House’, ‘A Touch of Cloth’ and the award-winning ‘Shackleton’, just to mention a few. 

For full list, see Portfolio.

“I’ve really enjoyed working with Blair, he is great at interpreting notes and building a realistic, atmospheric soundscape. I can trust him to understand what a particular scene requires, and to deliver that. Blair is also sensitive to the music, so the sound design never fights the score, however, when we would occasionally decide to lose a cue at the last moment, the sound design was always sufficient to make the scene work on its own without needing more from the music.”

Charlie Hampton | Producer (The Spanish Princess TV series)